Ashes Reborn: The Demons of Dharmas [Englisch]

Ashes Reborn: The Demons of Dharmas [Englisch]

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Something sinister lurks in the shadows of Darmas, the City of Perpetual Darkness. Under the full-moon light, Harold Westraven and his bestial minions stalk their prey. Consume enemy units to empower Harold with the dark power he requires to defeat his enemies. Call upon the transformative ability of vampyric allies and bestial minions to decimate all who stand in Harold’s path. With a unique combination of ceremonial and sympathy magic, Harold holds the key to immortality itself, if one is willing to pay the price.


  • 1 - Harold Westraven Phoenixborn
  • 3 - Consume Soul Reaction Spell
  • 3 - Summon Vampire Bat Swarm Ready Spell
  • 3 - Drain Vitality Ready Spell
  • 3 - Beast Mage Ally
  • 3 -Beast Warrior Ally
  • 3 - Master Vampire Ally
  • 3 - Psychic Vampire Ally
  • 3 -Dark Reaping Action Spell
  • 3 - Transmute Magic Action Spell
  • 3 - Adrenaline Rush Reaction Spell
  • 1 - Hunter’s Mark Conjured Alteration Spell