Dice Realms [Englisch]

Dice Realms [Englisch]

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n Dice Realms players vie to improve and expand their realms, represented by customizable dice with faces that can be popped out and upgraded for better ones.

Each game is different, as players draw 5 tiles (from a bag of 35) to determine the extra die faces available in addition to the 5 standard lines of faces: victory, farming, commerce, defense, and upgrades.

Play is simultaneous. Players must manage their food, coins, improvements, and defenses against Robbers, Winter, and other events on the Fate Die rolled every round, affecting all players. Each players begins with two identical dice and can expand to gain more dice. However, not having enough food on hand (one per die) when Winter is rolled results in negative points. Players may reroll one die for free each turn and can invest in reroll and set tokens for further control.

The goal is to have the most VPs at game end, both in VPs chips and improved die faces.

With 18 dice, more than 650 plastic die faces in 72 types, 3 custom trays to hold them, tiles, grain pieces, VP chips, and more, Dice Realms offers a lot of variety and replayability.

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