Dredd - Citi-Def Specialists

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The cliched impression the majority of Mega-City inhabitants have of the Citi-Def is of military wannabes bingeing on Tri-D action vids and barely able to point their weapons in the right direction. This view is not all that wide of the mark, which makes Citi-Def extremely dangerous when block wars begin - they have a habit of pillaging their armoury for the biggest flashiest most destructive weapons they have at their disposal...

From bombastic leaders with a power trip to barely trained medics, to troops wielding heavy weaponry they pose serious threats to friend and foe as well as the Justice Department and wider populace.


  • 3 Miniatures
  • 5 Game Cards

Achtung: Die Miniaturen sind unbemalt und müssen zusammengebaut werden.

Achtung: Beinhaltet verschluckbare Teile, Von Kindern unter 36 Monaten fernhalten!