Keep the Heroes Out! [Englisch]

Keep the Heroes Out! [Englisch]

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It’s not as if we are evil. We have no desire for world conquering or any megalomaniac schemes really.

Some of us just want a place to chill.

Okay, maybe we trapped a teenager or two in the dungeon to teach them a lesson about trespassing.

But then... all of a sudden we are on the guild's bulletin board and it's fair game to every so-called hero to invade our home and try to plunder our treasure.


Keep the Heroes Out! is an asymmetric, cooperative dungeon defense game for 1-4 players, where you play as the monsters in this action deck building game!

Players use (and enhance!) their decks to deploy monsters on the dungeon, move them around, generate resources and to exterminate those pesky heroes!

Achtung: Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Von Kindern unter 36 Monaten fernhalten.