Night Parade: Kami Rising Expansion [Englisch]

Night Parade: Kami Rising Expansion [Englisch]

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"There are gods that wander among us; superior beings who rule the world with their presence, invisible to mortal eyes.
We know them as the Kami.

This Expansion brings 2 New Asymmetric Clans, 9 Kami Game Modes and 48 Yokai cards ready to march on your Night Parades!

*Requires Night Parade of a Hundred Yokai to be played.

20 Yokai Meeples, 10 Torii Meeples, 61 Cards; 20 Tokens; 1 Rulebook"

Achtung: Enthält verschluckbare Teile. Nicht geignet für Kinder unter 36 Monaten.