Star Trek Ascendancy: Dominion War Expansion [Englisch]

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Changelings known as the Founders established the Dominion in Gamma Quadrant millenia ago. Through their Vorta commanders and Jem’Hadar super soldiers, the Founders rule as gods, bringing order to the galaxy. The discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole brought this ancient civilization onto conflict with the more youthful civilizations of the Alpha Quadrant.

This set includes everything you need to add the Dominion and Gamma Quadrant to your games of Star Trek: Ascendancy and to play the Dominion War variant.

20 New Exploration Cards
Bajoran-Idran Wormhole Systems Piece
16 Gamma Quadrant System Discs, including
The Great Link
30 Dominion Ships with 3 Fleet Markers & Cards
10 Dominion Control Nodes
15 Dominion Advancements
3 Dominion Trade Agreements
Dominion Turn Summary Card
Dominion Command Console with 2 sliders
19 Resource Nodes
76 Tokens & 27 Space Lanes
5 Dominion Infiltrator Figures
8 Alliance Selection Cards
50 Alliance Cards
30 Resistance Cards

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