Star Trek: Super-Skill Pinball [Englisch]

Star Trek: Super-Skill Pinball [Englisch]

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Your favorite Star Trek characters and stories join the hit Roll & Write Pinball Game!

Star Trek Super-Skill Pinball brings the excitement of pinball arcades to your table, with no reflexes required!

Explore the galaxy with new and classic Star Trek characters and plotlines, as you hit bumpers, drop targets, gain skill shots, activate the muiltiball, and play minigames on the backglass! About to lose a ball? You can even “nudge” the table—but be careful not to “tilt!”

Challenge your friends, or play solo to try to beat your high score! Features four thrilling tables from different corners of the Star Trek Universe!

Star Trek Super-Skill Pinball features these four tables:

Starfleet Academy: The classic Pinball experience, where you’ll learn the basics, and try to beat the famous Kobayashi Maru!
The Trouble with Tribbles: Help Kirk and the crew keep the rapidly multiplying tribbles from overwhelming the U.S.S. Enterprise!
Lower Decks: Join the crew of the U.S.S. Cerritos as they deal with holodeck malfunctions and artificial gravity gone awry!
Borg Attack: Build a fleet of Starfleet’s finest ships to take down a Borg Cube, and save the Galaxy!


  • 4 copies each of 4 different tables (8 Double-sided pinball table boards, 8 double-sided pinball backglass boards)
  • 4 dry-erase markers with erasers
  • 8 Pinball tokens
  • 2 dice
  • 1 rulebook

Praise for the original Super-Skill Pinball:

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