Vampire: The Eternal Struggle TCG - 5th Edition box - Starter Kit [Englisch]

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Play as an ancient vampire manipulating his lessers in an epic struggle to eliminate his rivals through cunning and force. Based on the popular RPG and originally designed by Richard Garfield of Magic fame this true gem card of a multiplayer card game is finally back.

Contained in this starter box you will find 5 preconstructed and ready to play 89-card decks - one each for the Ventrue, Toreador, Nosferatu, Malkavian and Tremere clan, as well as a 5th edition starter rulebook and the tokens needed for play. 

Each clan has their own tricks and play style and the gaming experience can vary wildly - as you are always the hunter as well as the hunted. You gain a victory point by defeating the player to your left and by being the last one standing.

Depending on the number of players games ususally last between 45 to 90 minutes.


For added fun, look out for more decks and card collections which allow for the custamization of your decks.


Achtung: Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 36 Monaten.