Everdell: Bellfair [Englisch]

Everdell: Bellfair [Englisch]

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This expansion adds a number of new modules to the game, including unique player powers for each type of critter in Everdell, rules for 5-6 players, and a new board to optionally use in place of the 3D Ever Tree.

Player Powers

Each of the 15 unique types of critter meeples in the world of Everdell now also has a unique power you may use. These powers have been thoroughly playtested and balanced, and designed to offer an intriguing and unique twist to every game you play. Have fun exploring them all to find your favorite!

5-6 players

Many people have requested that we add official support for 5 players, and we’ve gone beyond that to include rules for up to 6 players. By utilizing a clever Market system and a specific rule of removing one of the workers each player obtains, the game time for these higher player counts is close to what a standard 4-player game would be.

Bellfaire Board

The Bellfaire board connects to the upper half of the main board, and may be used as an alternative to the 3D Ever Tree, which is helpful for higher player counts. This board also adds optional new gameplay elements, including a revolving Market location, and endgame Garland awards.

Player Boards

There are six unique and beautifully illustrated player boards that can be used to hold resources, meeples, and point tokens. Each board shows a different corner of the world of Everdell—there's a suitable home for any and all critters! Choose your favorite!


Achtung: Enthält verschluckbare Kleinteile. Nicht geeignet für Kinder unter 36 Monaten.