Rumbleslam Event Deck [Englisch]

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A rowdy giant stomps through the ring!

A wizard starts casting spells!

Your manager decides to come out of retirement!

These are three of the FIFTY-FIVE crazy things that can happen to your games of RUMBLESLAM when using the Event Card deck!

If you want to inject a little dose of random excitement into your matches, then Event Cards are for you!

Each Event Card costs 50K from your total Dosh for the match, and is drawn at random at the start of a round. Maybe you'll end up hiring a ring-side herbalist! Maybe the crowd will up and leave! Or maybe one of your wrestlers will decide that they'd rather work for your opponent! Anything can happen with Event Cards – sometimes good, and sometimes bad. It's just the luck of the draw!

Pack contains 55 Event Cards and 1 Rules Card.