Rumbleslam Superstar Ring

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It's time to RUUUUUUUMBLE! Bring out your Superstars! The Superstar Ring is here for them! Bedecked with 152 stars (yes, I counted), and plenty of space for stencils (hint hint), the Superstar Ring is what all Superstars – existing or promising – need for their RUMBLESLAM madness.

Turn every wrestler into a Superstar on a fully 3D laser cut MDF board. With the exact measurements as the flat play mat, this ring makes an excellent upgrade to your RUMBLESLAM matches. Also included are two heavy turnbuckle platforms for when a WEIGHT 3 wrestler has climbed the turnbuckle.

The RUMBLESLAM Superstar Ring is made from 3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard. We recommend wood glue to piece the set together. All you need to complete the set are ropes. We recommend using either nylon thread, wool, or - for a more vicious match - Army Painter barbed wire.